Sunday, January 1, 2012

Musical Math (teaching 3rd grade concepts through song)

I found this little treasure somewhere out in the world wide web.  I love the idea of incorporating songs into my Math instruction.  As a student I had a teacher that always taught us through song.  he had a great voice and would sometimes whip out a guitar to assist in the singing.  It has been fantasy of mine to be just like him in my room.  I have finally found some cool songs on this site but now I have to learn to play the guitar(lol).........

Here is an example of one of them below:

Come join us as we graph.  
Use your arms and maybe laugh  
As we review the twelve curves you know. 
Quadratics, and the line,
Y's a constant, and the sine, 
Y is e to the x - watch it grow, 
Here's the cube and the tangent too.  
Let's not forget all of the roots - square and cube and so on.  
Natural log and one over x,  
One on x squared is important too.

QAR Method

I have been a lazy teacher all break up until today when I got inspired to finish my small group math and guided reading lesson plans.  I came across a strategy called the QAR method that I think will really help my students that are having trouble answering and understanding the comprehension questions that they are being faced with in 3rd grade this year.  I made a nice little visual that I am going to print in color and laminate to help me as I teach this to my guided reading groups.
QAR Question Types">