Tuesday, August 19, 2014

First Year Teacher Reflection Journal

    This is an excellent tool for beginning teachers to help document their thoughts and reflect on their instruction all throughout their first year teaching.  It is also a good tool for seasoned teachers to think deeply about what works in their weekly instruction.  Research shows that teachers who reflect on their practice weekly are most successful.

Please check out this awesome tool on my TPT site.  I have used a reflection journal every year and it is so beneficial.  I love being able to go back and read journal entries from my first and second years of teaching.  Whenever I feel my drive decreasing or whenever I feel discouraged I go back and read those past entries.  They always renew my hope and spirit as an educator.  

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Homework Choice Board

There are so many things to stress about in the beginning of the school year and sometimes homework takes a back burner.  Homework is a integral piece to the home school connection and can be a great tool to grab parents attention and help them develop an after-school routine for their child. 

I created a homework choice board to help take one more task off your plate and make the beginning of the school year a little easier.
 Homework Choice Board 

This is one month worth of homework tailored for a first grade student with a focus on common core skills. It is in a choice-board format to ensure differentiation and has spelling words with activities included also. This is a wonderful packet that can be used during the first month of school or beyond.

Please visit my store to download a copy.  It will serve as a beginning of the year review for 1st and 2nd graders and a rigorous challenge for current and aspiring Kindergarteners.
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