Thursday, October 4, 2012

Small Group Schedule Template

I did not understand the big benefits of a structured small group instruction program until last year when it was implemented by my principal.  At first I was holding very strong to my whole group with a little guided reading mentality until I saw how empowering it was to teach children math via the small group format.  It was life changing for my students and the proof was in the test scores! 

Anyways I love keeping myself on a strict schedule so that I am maximizing my time and getting to all students each day.  I teach a very quick mini lesson and then I go straight into small group work.  I even try to squeeze in a group before the bell rings in the morning.  I keep about 2 slots a day open so that I can be free to pull kids one on one that are having major issues in whole and small group instruction. 

Please feel free to make my template your own and let me know how your small groups go!

Small Group Schedule Template