Sunday, July 5, 2015

Plan with Me Sundays

This post gives a quick snap shot on how I plan my life each week.  A well planned home life makes for a smooth stress free life in the classroom.  I have added a quick picture down below.  I incorporate calendar filler pages, stickies, and traditional calendar to complete my planner. I like to plan out everything at the start of the week.  When I don't think through my week before hand I don't accomplish as much.
I have a calendar where I keep all up coming events including bills that are coming due for the household.  I use colored pencils to categorize things and stickers just because they make me happy.

I have another section in my planner where I use filler paper to keep track of my to do list.  I like to divided my to dos into categories as well.  I use colored sticky notes on these pages and plan out the tasks I want to accomplish each day.   I have several pages for different sections of my home endeavors.  Pictured above is my page for cleaning routines.  I list out the cleaning tasks that need to be completed each day to keep the home neat and tidy.