Thursday, November 8, 2012

News Paper Summary Rubric

During a recent professional development session at my school it was impressed upon me that I should began to utilize rubrics more often in my classroom.  At first I was like oh no more work.  I thought I am sure that it is better for the students but it will take me forever to create a rubric.  I was wrong!!!

Once you decide what a level 4 will look like for the project your baseline is set and the other requirements will just be modified from the that level 4.  I took a stab at creating a rubric for a news article summary.  If the students meet a level 3 or above for this assignment they will be showing proficiency with common core standards 4.W.2, 4.W.1, 4.W.9, and 4.RI.2

As a child doing weekly newspaper article summaries is one of the assignments that I remember.  If I remember it now at the ripe old age of 18 :)  then it must have been a fruitful activity that my class might also enjoy.

Use the link below to have your students do this assignment as well!

News Article Summary Rubric


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