Sunday, September 28, 2014

Adventures in EC Land: Annual Review Meetings, Service Hours, ..............

 Download Here

As the school year begins for EC teachers we also begin to collect data on the children we serve.  The collection process involves many different types of educators throughout the building.  

This data is very important for annual review meetings and catering service to meet students’ needs.  This packet lightens the load with easy to complete collection forms that are attractive and easy to use.  The teams you work with will be happy to get information to you when you use these forms.

The new school year is in full swing and I am starting to schedule EC meetings for the children on my caseload.  Teaching EC this year is new and exciting for me.  I absolutely love every minute of it.  

I am at a really nice school this year.  I feel school culture starts with administration and trickles down to the teachers then ultimately the children.  I can say that I work for a group of highly talented administrators that really care about their staff.  This is quite different from my old school and I am just so thankful!


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