Monday, May 4, 2015

IEP Preparation Resources

I could not find the author's name on this document to properly cite them in this blog post.  This is a AWESOME resource for creating IEP goals when preparing for initial or annual reviews.  This database has a wealth of goal ideas that can be tweaked and tailored to your student specific needs.  In writing goals that are specific and measurrable I often times hit a wall and am not as creative as I should be. I can glance at this database for inspriation on new ways to measure progress.  Check it out the next time you are analyzing data and writing goals.  It is great for IEP's or  PEP's (for my general ed. teachers).

Click link to go to Simply Special Education!
Another great resource for your Data Binder can be found at simply special education Simply Special Education  I love having everything at a glance especially when I am going through my data and getting prepared for a parent meeting.  There are some really great resources over on this teacher's blog!


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