Thursday, August 6, 2015

Makings of Highly Effective Anchor Charts

I love anchor charts and I find that my students do too.  I use my active-board quite often and it makes teaching new information easy and sharable however, there is just something so special about creating a anchor chart. Highly effective anchor charts must have 4 key elements:

1. 3D Elements
2. Student Interaction
3. Include Pictures
4. Graphic Organization

Add elements of 3D

Make your charts come to life by adding real life materials.  Use tape or Mod Podge to attach your real life elements to your anchor charts.  These items make your chart more come to life in ways no computer or textbook can.

This chart came from 

Student Interaction
Making space on your chart for your students to add their thoughts using post its makes the chart a team endeavor not just something the teacher made in a bubble on her/his own.

These charts came from

Take a Picture it will last longer
 Adding art work gives the students a pictorial association with what you are teaching.  They will come to associate the picture with a section of information and will aid in memory of the material.  
This example comes from

Graphic Organization
Set up your information graphically.  Lists and long chunks of text packed together on your chart is not the best way to present new information to kids or adults.  


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