Friday, February 6, 2015

Electronic Behavior Contracts (Parents and Teachers)

When working with children that have special behavioral needs my go to tool is a behavior contract with built in rewards for positive reinforcements.  At school it is very easy to use a paper behavior contract and send that sheet home to parents.  I have had many parents say to me "This works so well in school but what about when they come home,  How can I use a system like this at home to get the same level of success."

 I created some paper versions for my parents but at home it just isn't as easy to keep up with check lists when you are running family errands, going to sporting events, doing homework, and the list goes on and on.  So I created a online form that parents can use with their smart phone to instantly track their child's behaviors and rewards at home.  The cool thing about this format is that as they submit the information electronically it comes straight to me the teacher.  It allows for open lines of communication and shows the child that we are all united in helping them be their best selves.

This is a generic version of the form.  When I am ready to use it with a family I duplicate the form in my google drive then edit the privacy settings so that it is only accessible to the parents and myself.

This is a excellent tool to help those students with behavioral challenges receive a continuity of accommodations from school to home.  When used with fidelity it can really help teachers and parents work together for a a common good and that is the success of the child in all aspects of life and learning.


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