Monday, April 13, 2015

Independent Reading Choice-board

I have created many choice boards throughout the years to help facilitate independent reading time in my classrooms.  I created this one to be used in a middle school inclusion class.  I am teaching special education this year.  I co-teach with a team of ELA teachers and I was finding that students lacked focus during reading time and needed a goal/project to keep them motivated.

Since the class is of varying levels I had to create a choice that could be used by all readers. This board has on level, below level, and above level activities.

The children are able to set a weekly goal for reading with this choice-board and it also gives directions on how good readers behave before, during, and after their reading.  Our students are so excited about there activities.  They were so engaged in reading all week and we were able to engage in small group instruction while the other students read independently.  You can get this choice-board from my Teachers Pay Teachers Store by using the link: Independent Reading Choice-board


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